Would you like to temporarily place your membership on hold instead of canceling?

Temporarily placing on hold will make sure that you keep the same price when you return.

If so , click the green button below and we can help you out.

If you would like to cancel your membership click below.


  • Cancellations or Hold Request forms must be filled out at least 7 business days before next billing date for Monthly. Request forms filled out later than those time periods will not go into effect until the following billing period. Which will result in one more payment that goes through, we do not refund payments that happen do to this, but we do allow it to be used as a credit for you when you return or to be given to a friend.

  • You are allowed just 2 suspensions per calendar year, totalling no more than 60 days all together. If you will be out for less than 2 full weeks we recommend just rescheduling missed sessions. Suspension requests after the 2nd will be accepted, however there will be a $99 Excessive Suspension Fee.

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